Radiocarbon date Results

      Summary of C14 dates Wedigs 2012/3    
Site   Context   Radiocarbon age BP   Radiocarbon age BC/AD Material
Loch Raa   1.3   2374 +/-27   424 BC     Hazel
    1.5   3207 +/-29   1257 BC     Hazel
Achnahaird 2.2   2345 +/- 29   395 BC     Alder
Achtercairn 1 1.3   2163 +/- 27   213 BC     Birch
    1.4   2204+/- 29   254 BC     Birch
Achtercairn 2 1.11   2676 +/- 29   726 BC     Birch
    3   313+/-30   1637 BC     Peat/humic acid dated
Achtercairn 3 4.3   4719+/-30   2769 BC     Alder
    5.2   3341+/-35     1391 BC     Alder
Srathain 1 1.2   2479 +/-27   529 BC     Birch
Rhue   1.3   2462 +/- 29   512 BC     Birch
    2.3   1675 +/- 29   275 AD     Birch


The above table shows the Radiocarbon results as analysed by SUERC.

Contexts beginning with 1 are central trenches, and those beginning with 2 are trenches across the wall, the sample being taken from the inside of the wall.

Loch Raa.

         - The dates refer to the latest and earliest of the three hearths uncovered.

         - The late date is contemporaneous with the date from Achnahaird, and is Early Iron Age.

         - The earliest is Mid Bronze Age


         - The date is contemporaneous with the later date from Loch Raa, Early Iron Age.

Achtercairn 1

         - The dates are from the top and bottom of the intensely burned reddish soil layer. They are not significantly different and are Early Iron Age.


Achtercairn 2

         - The date in Trench 1 indicates Late Bronze Age activity.

         - The date in Trench 4 (a neighbouring circular structure) shows that much earlier activity was taking place, late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age.


Achtercairn 3

         - The earlier date taken from the hearth area shows that activity was taking place in Late Neolithic.
- The later date taken from under the wall shows Middle Bronze Age activity, before the wall was in place.

Srathain 1

         - This seemed to be a recessed platform with no wall structure; the date indicates Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age activity there. The date is contemporaneous with the central trench date from Rhue.


         - The date from the central trench is contemporaneous with the Srathain date.

         - The date from the wall trench is Later Iron Age.

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