Project Sites:

Loch Raa, Click to View
Loch Raa , Achiltibuie
Mar 19th - 23rd


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Rhue. Click to View
Rhue, Lochbroom
May 14th - 18th


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Auchtercairn, Gairloch
June 17th - 22nd


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Achnahaird, Click to View
Achnahaird, Achiltibuie
Aug 27th -31st


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Strathain, Click to View
Strathain, Lochbroom
Sep24th - 28th


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Gairloch 2, Click to View
Auchtercairn, Gairloch
Oct 22nd - 26th


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Assessing potential site
WeDigs in Wester Ross

Small pits are being dug at each of six roundhouse sites centred on Achiltibuie, Ullapool and Gairloch.

  • What were our prehistoric ancestors like?
  • When did they live here?
  • How did they choose their house sites?
  • How were their houses designed?
  • Did they farm the land around their houses?
  • Did they fish?
This exciting project is aiming to answer some of these questions.


Initial 2012 Project Results DSR (Adobe PDF file)



The results are back from the radiocarbon tests analysed by SUERC.

Go to Radiocarbon Results page for more information.

Also, some interesting results about our small finds.

Available Now


The project team have produced a booklet 'Prehistoric Roundhouses in Wester Ross and parts of Skye’

This 37 page booklet starts with the question 'What is a roundhouse?' and goes on to describe the detailed recording by volunteers of over 400 roundhouse sites and the partial excavation of six of these.


It is well written and has numerous illustrations in full colour. There is a useful section describing the locations of roundhouses which are accessible to the public.


To obtain a copy (cost 5.00 + postage) email

Final report available to download
A pdf version of the full project report is now available to download.


The Project

20,000 worth of Lottery funding for the project sponsored by Lochbroom Field Club has enabled investigation of prehistoric roundhouse occupation. Together with a further 1700 from Highland Council, this money is funding targeted excavations by volunteers from local communities in Achiltibuie, Lochbroom and Gairloch.


The first site was excavated in March 2012. The project is now completed.
Charcoal and pottery has been found and analysed to establish occupation dates. Soil samples have been collected and tested to give information about land use.

School children as well as adult volunteers were trained in many archaeological skills, for example TROWELLING, SURVEYING, SOIL SAMPLING, and DRAWING. They had opportunities to explore the settlement landscape.

All results have been posted on this website.

The Final Report is now printed and available from, or from Ullapool Bookshop


Please explore the site for details on each dig and look at our results page and events for follow ups. Also remember we are now on FaceBook and will try to keep you updated there.


Many thanks to all the volunteers, members and school children who helped on the digs and to all those who to continue supporting this project.


HER Highland Council    Heritage Lottery Fund    Lochbroom Field Club

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Scottish Heritage Angel Awards 2018

Anna and the Wedigs Community Archaeology project have been awarded 'Highly Commended' in the Scottish Heritage Angel Awards 2018. The award was given for Category E, Best Heritage Research, Interpretation or Recording.

Anna says ‘I am delighted that the Wedigs project thas been given a Highly Commended Angel Award. This recognition shows appreciation of all the hard work involved by very many people locally and from all over Scotland who have joined in as volunteers. We have all learned a lot about the landscape in which we live and the ways in which prehistoric communities developed.‘